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Like wildflowers, allow yourself to grow in more than one place. 


Insen is a demi-fine jewellery brand, founded in Antwerp '18. Capitalized with a Scandinavian name, also the founder and designer's middle name, Insen stands for lightness and delicacy. 

Having a lost background in Architecture, she retrieved her ambition in the creative process of designing jewellery and setting up a story behind the brand. As she herself struggles with the balance between symmetry and change in her daily ventures, she sees this as an interesting approach during the design process. 

This project has kept her tangled up for months. Special shoutout to her life partner for his support and thorough patience, and to the talented Tine Swijns, for believing in her and challenging her through all their creative storms! (Check her out on: www.tineswijns.be)